2 hour studio session

This gift is designed for the musician in your life. It doesn't matter whether they are a  young music student, a seasoned pro, or someone who has just always wanted to record in a professional recording studio. This special promotion gives you a 2 hour session in our main studio at Blue Door Recording with an engineer/producer. It's great for a vocalist, an instrumentalist or a band.  


This is a limited promotion and is only available online until Jan 4/2021. However that doesn't mean you have to have the actual recording session right away. Purchase your recording session gift online by Jan 4/2021 and you'll be contacted to finalize a date and time that works for everyone. We will make session bookings on this promotion available up until June 1/21.   If you have further questions, give us a call at 306 536 1268 or contact us.


This special promotion is limited to one per client. 


2 hour studio session

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  • You get to choose, whether you're recording to a backing track, with an instrument or just your voice. We'll make you sound amazing.


    Tips before you record;

    1. If recording a live instrument, we recommend recording to a metronome, it will help to make you sound even better. Download a free metronome app and practice like the pros  
    2. Practice, practice, practice to make the most of your studio time - the more you practice, the better you'll sound and the fewer takes you'll need.
    3. Bring your backing track or instrument with you and be ready to have fun!


  • Your song will be sent to you in a digital file via  text message straight to your phone or by email. 

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