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Blue Door has several associate music producers and sound engineers. Some specialize in your genre while others work with all types of music. The common element is that they are all highly skilled and talented audio professionals. They have the technical and artistic ability to make you sound great! 

Music Producer Regina

Ellie Lenge 

Justin Bender

Luke Hart 

Miguel Dey  Remedy Muzik

Saskatchewan Canada

Prince Banks

Walter Jeworski

Pat Andrews

John Bidochka

Mark Schmidt 

Sound Engineer 

Audio Technician Regina

Ready to discuss your project with a music producer?

Contact us.  

We can assist you with lyrics, arrangements,

 recording, mixing and mastering. 


Two feet, ten fingers and one mouth. You'll be delighted to hear the level of musicianship that these session musicians will bring to your music. It's the result of many years of practice, expensive education, passion and a commitment to their instruments. They're available to hire when you want the quality your music deserves.   

Need a session player or vocalist?

Whatever your genre, we can provide you the right musician.

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