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Blue Door is a music recording studio based in Regina that's trusted by professional musicians, video makers and corporate clients. We are music and audio experts who are ready to help you sound your best

We help you to create original music ideas and turn audio into a positive experience for your audience. We make it easy for you to affordably record, mix and master your project. The results will put a smile on your face, plus we're open 24/7.



If you're a pro singer, musician, or in a band, your music will come to life at Blue Door under the creative talent of our producers who'll get your songs ready for radio.


Are you just starting out in music? Well done for following your passion. We've helped many people just like you and can guide you through the recording process.


You're a video maker and you need bad audio fixed, good voice overs, sound design, location audio and ADR

for film and advertising.

Come to Blue Door. We have the team

and the  facility that you need to complete your project plus a few ideas we know you'll love. 


If you're an independent music producer or recording engineer, you'll want to hug us.

We do what other studios don't do.


We give you your own key to the studio to work on your projects any time you want, just book your time and start creating 24/7-365. We have great hourly, daily or lock-out rates for when you're really on a roll. It's like having your key to the candy store.



We serve clients of all shapes and sizes. Here are a few. 

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